Summer into Fall

Ten Easy Ways to Get Organized for Fall

It’s  easy to think of summer as a season, but it is the shortest season of all because school starts in early September.  Why not get a jump on your family’s organizing projects so you can enjoy the beautiful fall weather?  Here are some quick and easy but very important organizing tasks that every family […]


Why You Need To Have a Digital Estate Plan

The world is changing rapidly, and all of our critical information is now captured digitally.  We need to have a Digital Estate Plan so our loved ones can access our digital information in the event we become incapacitated or die. We all know that we need an updated Last Will and Testament, but we also […]

Stone Run LR

Stage Your Home For Sale in 3 Days or Less

Home staging is the art of preparing homes for sale so that their best features are showcased and any problem areas are minimized. It is not just about decorating – in most cases it’s about un-decorating. A successful staging is accomplished through a combination of home “editing”, de-cluttering, organizing, and the rearrangement of furnishings, artwork, […]


Creating a Lunch Prep Station

Creating a lunch prep station on your kitchen countertop is a great idea for you and your family.  You’ll have everything neat, handy and contained and it will be visual reminder to you to make your lunches the night before. Just find a rectangular container around the house – I used a basket that was […]

Clock for Blog

Managing Time in Five Easy Steps

Are you always feeling rushed, late for appointments, unprepared and stressed?   I frequently hear people say “there’s so little time” and “I have too much to do”.  Let’s try to look at time in a different way and change a few behaviors so we can manage time and feel more in control of our lives.  […]


Help! My Home Office Just Exploded

It finally happened. Your home office got to the point where you couldn’t even find or use the chair anymore.  There’s no longer any space under the desk for your legs and feet so you can’t sit down anyway.   Okay, don’t worry.  Take a deep breath…maybe three or more until you calm down.  This is fixable.  […]


De-Cluttering a Room You Can’t Even Get Into

My clients ask me all the time…”Is this the worst you’ve ever seen?”  And I honestly tell them, “No”.  There’s no way I can even compare the different situations I’m called into.  Besides, it doesn’t matter how cluttered a space is because I have fast and easy tips to conquer ANY room:   Step 1 […]


Feng Shui Your Front Door and Garage in 13 Easy Steps

Feng shui is all about attracting and encouraging health, prosperity, abundance and tranquility in our lives.  Since the front entrance of the home is considered the “mouth” of a dwelling, it makes it one of the most important factors for actively drawing in positive energy. There are many easy things you can do to create […]