Author: Eileen Barrett

25 Fast and Easy Organizing Tips

25 Quick and Easy Organizing Tips

Quickly Get Your Entire Home in Order

The One Hour Organizing Challenge-Are You Ready?

One Hour Can Make All the Difference. Ready to Take the 60-Minute Organizing Challenge? On a bitterly cold day, staying indoors feels so cozy and warm. As you spend more time indoors, do you see organizing opportunities around you? Why not take my 60-minute challenge and get really fast results! What do you have to…
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School is Almost Out – Time to Get Your Home (and Yourself) Ready!

Go through your kitchen cabinets and drawers and take out everything you haven’t used in a year and place everything in a box, label it and store it. Throw out expired food and old spices. Your family will find things easier and make less of a mess this summer. Create healthy snack bins in the…
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What Are Some of the Most Annoying Organizing Pet Peeves?

Here They Are. Now Let’s Eliminate Them.   Forgetting to bring needed papers to work, school and medical appointments. You remembered your appointment and were actually on time for it. Now you discover that you forgot what you needed to bring. Solution: Get everything ready the night before, place them in a tote bag and…
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Feeling Stuck? You’re Not Alone. Get Yourself Ready to Declutter.

Ever wonder what most people tell us when they first call our organizing company? It’s that they’re feeling “stuck”. They see all the clutter around them and don’t know what to do to declutter or how to get started. Here are some helpful tips to get from being stuck to being very productive: 1. Change…
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Ten Easy Ways to Get Organized for Fall

It’s  easy to think of summer as a season, but it is the shortest season of all because school starts in early September.  Why not get a jump on your family’s organizing projects so you can enjoy the beautiful fall weather?  Here are some quick and easy but very important organizing tasks that every family…
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School’s Out and It’s Time to Save, Toss, Donate

Get Set for Summer.   Use My Quick and Easy Checklist to Say “Goodbye” to the Last School Year, Get Ready for Camp or Vacation and Prepare for the Fall: Ask each child to go through his/her school and sports backpacks with you, remove old school papers, archive the keepers and then wash, toss or donate the backpacks. Keep…
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Want to Avoid the Messy House Syndrome?

Having an organized home or office just means that you have a destination for everything. If you’ve already organized your home and have a place for everything, you can quickly do a cleanup instead of having a major “fire drill” before the doorbell rings. Want to avoid the “messy house” syndrome? Then let’s get organized…
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Why You Need To Have a Digital Estate Plan

The world is changing rapidly, and all of our critical information is now captured digitally.  We need to have a Digital Estate Plan so our loved ones can access our digital information in the event we become incapacitated or die. We all know that we need an updated Last Will and Testament, but we also…
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Stage Your Home For Sale in 3 Days or Less

Home staging is the art of preparing homes for sale so that their best features are showcased and any problem areas are minimized. It is not just about decorating – in most cases it’s about un-decorating. A successful staging is accomplished through a combination of home “editing”, de-cluttering, organizing, and the rearrangement of furnishings, artwork,…
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