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25 Fast and Easy Organizing Tips

25 Quick and Easy Organizing Tips

Quickly Get Your Entire Home in Order

The One Hour Organizing Challenge-Are You Ready?

One Hour Can Make All the Difference. Ready to Take the 60-Minute Organizing Challenge? On a bitterly cold day, staying indoors feels so cozy and warm. As you spend more time indoors, do you see organizing opportunities around you? Why not take my 60-minute challenge and get really fast results! What do you have to…
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School is Almost Out – Time to Get Your Home (and Yourself) Ready!

Go through your kitchen cabinets and drawers and take out everything you haven’t used in a year and place everything in a box, label it and store it. Throw out expired food and old spices. Your family will find things easier and make less of a mess this summer. Create healthy snack bins in the…
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Want to Avoid the Messy House Syndrome?

Having an organized home or office just means that you have a destination for everything. If you’ve already organized your home and have a place for everything, you can quickly do a cleanup instead of having a major “fire drill” before the doorbell rings. Want to avoid the “messy house” syndrome? Then let’s get organized…
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