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Since 1999, Kirna Consulting has been helping clients achieve the neat, clean and organized lifestyle they deserve. We specialize in working with clients with ADHD.

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Your home tells the story of who you are.  If you have rooms that don’t inspire you, we’ll successfully redesign them, using what you already have.

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Home buyers typically form an opinion within 3 seconds of entering your home. You have only one chance to give an outstanding first impression.

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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

  • Eileen and her team of organizers have been working with me, my husband and my daughter since 2010. Since my husband works very long hours, I found it difficult to manage the household almost exclusively. When we first met Eileen I was in the middle of planning my daughter's bat mitzvah, arranging for international travel for friends and relatives while recovering from an injury. Eileen helped me plan this event while working together to declutter and organize our home. In the first year alone we managed to donate about 60 bags of clothing and household items, including furniture, which helped us live a less stressful and more streamlined life. Eileen and her organizing team have been our cheerleaders and coaches, putting into place organizing systems to accommodate our ADHD and OCD issues and have taught us how to maintain them. We now have a brand new household filing system, which helps us manage our daily paperwork, allows us to pay our bills on time and is easy to use to find tax receipts at year end. Eileen has helped us develop a family budget that works, along with arranging for installations of organizing products such as custom closets, wall shelving units and custom drawer pullouts that have transformed how we maintain the things we use, especially in regards to our shoe collection and photography equipment. We have consulted with Eileen when faced with difficult decisions regarding household emergencies such as plumbing and flooding issues, mold remediation and resulting rebuilding of our master bedroom. We have also consulted with her regarding custom drapes, blinds and carpeting and the remodel of our master bedroom bath. Eileen also helps greatly with managing medical appointments and paperwork, filing insurance claims, and was instrumental in helping us get our daughter organized and ready for college. She and her assistant even went to our daughter's college to set her up in her dorm room on the very first day of freshman year which was a great relief to us. We trust Eileen and her team for their knowledge, experience and loyalty and because we know they will always do what's best for us in any situation.

    Tracey Goldmann Avatar Tracey Goldmann
    August 21, 2019
  • Approximately 10 years ago, I was in the market for hiring a professional organizer. Limited in time due to work, family and home responsibilities, my perfectionist tendencies were getting in my way. I hired Eileen (Kirna Consulting, LLC) because I needed someone who was thorough, accurate and detail oriented. In short, I trusted that she would help me accomplish what I had neither time nor patience to do on my own. Eileen turned out to be the perfect hire for me. She and I worked side-by-side while she designed and implemented customized filing systems (paper and digital) that she thought would work well for me and my family - and work well they did. In fact, Eileen was full of numerous tips and knowledge that have proven to be useful to me time and time again. Now, so many years later, after having followed Eileen's professional growth from afar - while simultaneously envisioning myself in that role -, I decided to enroll in Eileen's professional organizer training. I can honestly say that I was not disappointed. In fact, I highly recommend this training to anyone who has a talent for organizing. Eileen is, as she was before, full of useful information, tips and miscellaneous details, all of which are sure to give you a leg forward in your quest to become a successful organizer.

    Linda Kielek Avatar Linda Kielek
    October 29, 2018
  • I recently completed Eileen's training course in professional organizing. I found it to be informative, engaging and fun. It was very thorough in teaching me about the industry and how to set up a professional organizing business. The course was infused with Eileen's personal experiences as a mentor and a pioneer in this business Beth K Bedminster

    beth Krupat Avatar beth Krupat
    October 25, 2018
  • I knew that I needed help when I opened a huge closet in what would, in five months’ time be my new baby’s nursery, and it was filled to bursting with I don’t know what! Little did I know how lucky I was when I found Eileen Barrett. Eileen came into my home, took a careful look around, and helped create our plan of attack. I would also like to say that I did not feel judged by Eileen in regards to my minor hoarding propensity in any way, and I found that to be a great relief. We started going through the closet-Eileen was kind enough to tell me how long I needed to keep which receipts, and we started creating shred, donate and discard piles. I can’t believe how much better I felt at the end of that first work session! Well that was over nine years ago, and I have continue to work with Eileen during all of that time. She has helped me with my home office files, and she even advised me when I started my new business. We eventually sorted through every closet in my home-including my Christmas decorations! Eileen did a wonderful job staging my town home when it was time to move, and I believe that her expertise helped me get a great price for my home. Eileen is so knowledgeable and is so wonderful to be around, it is quite a fantastic combination. I feel extremely fortunate to have found her, and I look forward to continuing our work on an as-needed basis.

    Ingrid Burke Avatar Ingrid Burke
    May 10, 2018
  • Thanks to Eileen and her team of organizing professionals we can now park both cars in our garage, no longer trip over toys and have systems in place in the public spaces of our house where things were once chaotic. What I like the most is that the organizing systems she and her team put into place are easy to maintain. This reduced a lot of stress in our household. Definitely, this is a wonderful organizing company.

    Lisa Thomas Avatar Lisa Thomas
    April 3, 2018

Organizing Skills Can be Successfully Taught to ANYONE!

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