Professional Organizer Training

Professional Organizer Training

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We offer two types of beginner training: A comprehensive one-day training program for Professional Organizers who wish to enter the business and work for themselves (PO Business training) and a concentrated half day training course for those wishing to enter the business as an assistant or subcontractor to a Professional Organizer and do not wish to open their own businesses (PO Subcontractor training). Both training courses are ideal for those wishing to enter the field of professional organizing and quickly learn all about the industry. How do you apply? It starts with a phone call to discuss your background so that we can custom-tailor your training by leveraging your existing skills and experience into an exciting career in the professional organizing industry.

We provide individualized and small group training which is done in person at our office in Bedminster, NJ. During our PO Business training we cover all the steps needed to set your business up quickly and successfully. We introduce you to every facet of the business so you can position yourself instantly for success, whether you plan on starting your own business, work as an assistant or work as an independent subcontractor. Many new Professional Organizers who set up their business also work as subcontractors and assistants to others to quickly gain experience and boost their income. Not sure which one is right for you? No worries. We discuss the pros and cons of all of your choices during your training.

As an added benefit for taking either of our training courses, you’ll have the opportunity to be considered for our Professional Organizer Assistant, Experienced Level and Advanced Level Subcontractor Roster. Getting on our Roster will allow you to gain on-the-job, paid experience while setting yourself up in your own business.

Here is just a sampling of what is covered during our PO Business training:

  • Matching your organizing, life and business skills to the right market
  • Choosing your company name, logo and tag line
  • Registering your business
  • Marketing and advertising strategy
  • Structuring and pricing your services
  • Which organizations and referral networks to join
  • Where to get continuing education
  • Supplies you’ll need on site with clients
  • Safety considerations
  • Managing your client relationships
  • What to ask when the client first calls and what information to capture
  • Creating an on-site client action plan
  • Time and expense tracking and invoicing
  • Organizing products to use with clients
  • How to earn passive income in fields related to Professional Organizing

In our PO Subcontractor training we discuss all the things you need to know to work as an independent subcontractor or assistant to an established Professional Organizer, including how to find work.


Have you already established your business and are ready to consider:

  • Better managing your client’s expectations and enhancing the overall client relationship
  • Understanding your strengths and targeting your business to specialize in working with children, students, heirs, seniors, caregivers, artistic individuals, and clients with neurological and/or physical challenges, just to name a few
  • Exploring highly specialized areas of organizing such as estate management, financial management and training, event planning, paper management, corporate productivity training and virtual organizing
  • Exploring the option of adding residential, small business or corporate clients to your client base
  • Certification programs that will allow you to earn greater credibility and enable you to diversify and earn more money
  • Exploring the option of subcontracting or adding employees to your staff
  • Formalizing your relationships with vendors to enable you to earn passive income
  • Determining whether your marketing strategies are good investments that will best promote you and your business

Evaluating your fees and pricing structure to ensure you are earning what you deserve

Training is conducted by telephone, by the hour and is completely confidential. This training is ideal for individuals who have been in business for at least one year and are looking for greater personal satisfaction and financial success.


Our Advanced Professional Organizer Training is ideal for professionals who have been in the business for a number of years and want to specialize, expand or just be more profitable. If you have any of the following concerns, we can partner with you to guide you to the next level in your business:

  • Has your business grown to the point where you need to make decisions regarding office space, hiring and training?
  • Have you been in the business for a few years and are ready for a shift but can’t figure out what that shift should be?
  • Are you interested in diversifying and providing new services to your existing clients?
  • Are you thinking about specializing?
  • Have you been working hard and enjoying your work but feel you should be more profitable?
  • Do you wish to earn passive income by formalizing your relationships with vendors in related businesses and have questions about that?
  • Do you wish to shift your business away from the physical hands-on work with clients but still want to have a coaching or virtual relationship with them?
  • Are you ready to explore the possibility of retiring from the business but still wish to reap financial rewards from your established business?

We provide individualized business coaching by the hour by telephone and our coaching is completely confidential.

What Do Our Trainees Say About Our Training and Coaching?

We are passionate about sending knowledgeable and caring professional organizers out into the world, and our best advertising comes from past students. They continually tell us that we provided them with everything they needed to know in just one day so they could quickly establish themselves in a career they really love.

Read what some of our talented trainees have to say:

“I was fortunate enough to attend Eileen Barrett’s one day professional organizer business training course. My goal was to get an overview of the business and leave with some solid practical business tips. Eileen clearly had the knowledge and experience to give me that and more! I felt as though she gave me a real-life road map for my new business, not just generic information. I would highly recommend contacting Eileen for any of your personal or business training needs. She has a great energy, and I left the session feeling as though I had spent the day with a friend who shared all of her best business practices with me. I couldn’t have been more pleased and now feel ready to open my own business!” – Thank you, KAM, New Providence, NJ

Having followed Eileen Barrett’s professional growth from afar – while simultaneously envisioning myself in that role – I decided to enroll in Eileen’s professional organizer training. I can honestly say that I was not disappointed. In fact, I highly recommend this training to anyone who has a talent for organizing. Eileen is full of useful information, tips and miscellaneous details, all of which are sure to give you a leg forward in your quest to become a successful organizer.
November 2018 – Linda Kielek, Livingston, NJ

The one-on-one attention of the Professional Organizer’s Program offered by Kirna Consulting was one of the best investments of my “time and treasure” that I have made in a long time. Most of the time was focused on valuable information that can only be gained after years of experience and trial and error. Practical aspects of organizing as a business that one would never consider was thoroughly vetted. I left with resources and and access to organizations that will assist me as I build my business — and for many years to come.” – Sincerely, K. T., Riverdale, NY

“Taking Kirna Consulting’s “Professional Organizer Training” course was worth every penny and more. The instructor is able to “cut-to-the-chase”, save you time and money, and shares her wealth of experience with you. I left the training with a prioritized “to do” list, a clear sense of direction and a wealth of new knowledge. Not only did I receive an abundance of hands on information, I received practical knowledge of what to do in particular situations and some wonderful suggested “best practices”. Eileen is open, honest, extremely business savvy and a wonderful teacher. I highly recommend Eileen’s training to any newcomer who is entering the field of Professional Organizing. I am grateful for all I learned and I look forward to consulting with Eileen again in the future.” – Sincerely, Carla Love, Miss Organized, Montclair, NJ

“Kirna Consulting’s excellent training course provided me with all the information I needed to get my business up and running. Not only does the instructor (Eileen Barrett) provide you with the necessary resources and tools to begin your business, her enthusiasm and self-confidence are contagious! Eileen’s vast experience and willingness to share her knowledge will put you way ahead on the learning curve.” – Eileen LaGreca, Sensational Spaces LLC, Fairfax, VA

One of our first graduates recently wrote: “When I decided to start my organizing business 5 years ago, I had no idea where to turn for guidance. All I knew is that I wanted to organize. I went to the Internet and called many organizers and asked how to go about doing this. Some told me they couldn’t help me, some didn’t respond to my messages, some gave me canned responses. Then I called Kirna Consulting and all was well. The instructor, Eileen Barrett, was extremely kind and compassionate over the telephone. After talking with her, I decided to take the one-on-one class. Although I had to travel an hour and a half away, I’m so grateful I went. Eileen talked me through every aspect of being an organizer as well as being a business owner. Her one-day class included everything I needed to know and offered me the opportunity to tag along on one of her jobs. She offered real-life examples and gave me copies of all the forms I needed to get started. I’m so happy to this day that I found her. I left her office with the utmost confidence that I could do this. I still feel, even though five years have passed since training, that if I needed her for any reason, she would be there for me. I was 100% satisfied with her class and would recommend her training, without any reservation, to any up and coming organizer.” – Ingrid Trotman, A Step Above Organizing, Hamilton, NJ

“Participating in Kirna Consulting’s professional organizer training course equipped me with the skills and knowledge that are of paramount importance to succeed in my business. It has enabled me to serve my clients to the best of my ability and conduct business with the highest degree of professionalism, confidence, ethics and caring. This comprehensive course “leaves no stone unturned.” – Mary Bellofatto, Time to Get Organized LLC and Finders Keepers LLC, Roseland, NJ

Kirna Consulting’s Professional Organizer training is top-notch. I walked into the training having no idea where to start or what to prioritize, and left with a step by step “handbook” on what I should do to set myself up for success in this field. It was the perfect first step to launching my business in professional organizing. I have a renewed sense of energy and drive, and can’t wait to get started! Thank you, Eileen, for sharing your wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. – Caroline M., Morristown, NJ