Holiday Decorating FAQs

Holiday Decorating FAQs

What do you decorate?

We can decorate the immediate outside and inside of your home which includes your porch, front door entryway, foyer, bannisters, mantles, chandeliers, Christmas/Holiday trees and tables.  We do not decorate landscaping (trees or bushes) or install lights on the outside of your home, but we can suggest an outdoor lighting company for you if needed.

How much will it cost?

We charge a competitive, hourly rate and most decorating jobs take from 3-6 hours.

Do I have to drag my decorations out from my storage areas or can you do it?

Yes, if you wish we can retrieve your decorations from your basement, attic, garage or other storage area(s) provided they are labeled.

Can you return after the holidays to “undecorate” and pack my decorations for storage?

Absolutely!  You don’t have to do a thing.  Just be sure to book us early to secure a timeslot.

Can you decorate my Christmas tree or help me buy a new one?

Yes to both.  We decorate trees up to 12 feet tall, natural or artificial.

Can you use only my decorations?

We can use all or just your favorite decorations or we may suggest size or style appropriate pieces to add to your collection to show off the architecture of your home.  If you would like to use only your decorations, that’s fine.  If you would like to add to your collection, we create beautiful custom holiday designs which are sold to you at retail cost, plus a small design fee.  You then own these creations and can enjoy them for many years to come.

How soon do you decorate?

We can decorate any time before or after Thanksgiving, up until the day before Christmas eve.  Our repeat clients book us a year in advance, but you don’t have to.  Just give us a call and we’ll work out a time.