Interior Redesign FAQs

Interior Redesign FAQs

What is Interior Redesign?

It is using what you already have in order to create a warm and inviting look in your spaces.  It is sometimes referred to as a “One Day Makeover”.  If you have rooms that don’t work well and you can’t figure out why, we can help.  In a redesign we may rearrange some or all of your furniture, lighting, artwork, rugs and accessories to achieve a great look. We “shop” your home and closets to find potential treasures to redesign each space.   We can redesign one room or every room, according to your needs.

How is this different from Interior Design?

Interior Design involves purchasing and installing new things in your house in order to improve the look of your spaces.  In a redesign you don’t purchase a thing and just pay our hourly design fee.

How is this different from a Staging?

The redesign process is the same as a staging but in a staging,  we take your imprint off your home and depersonalize your space to attract a large number of buyers.  In a redesign, we’re actually personalizing your space to tell the story of your life and also to make it comfortable, warm and inviting.

How long will it take?

The process takes from 1-3 hours per room.

Do I have to be home?

Yes, just to let us in, and then again before we leave.  In between, you can run errands or do whatever you wish.

How much does it cost?

We charge a very competitive hourly design rate.

What if I don’t know what style I like?

We’ll ask you a few easy questions and get an idea based on your answers. It’s never an issue and the process easily unfolds for us. We know how to improve your space and will even incorporate your favorite colors, if they are available.  We also apply basic feng shui principles to our redesigns, bringing harmony and balance into your space.

Is there anything you won’t move?

Yes, we don’t move pianos or wall units, unless they are relatively small and lightweight, and only with your permission.   We also won’t move anything that has been previously broken or is very valuable.

Do I have to worry about you scratching my floors?

Not at all.  We have commercial grade sliders for wood and tile floors and special sliders for carpeting.

Can I be part of the process?  It would be fun for me and I love to learn.

Yes, you can assist us to make the process move even faster.  All you have to do is clear the space of children and pets and we’ll show you how to “read” your space teach you some design principles along the way.

What if I still need more furniture, lighting, artwork, rugs or accessories?

We have never experienced not having enough to work with except for one time when a client needed a family room coffee table. We told her the size, shape and color of what she needed and she easily found a piece on her own. We can also send in our interior designer partner into your home to work with you if you need blinds, shades, window treatments, furniture, lighting, artwork, carpeting, rugs or accessories.