Professional Organizing FAQs

Professional Organizing FAQs

How much will it cost?

We charge a flat hourly rate and have a 2-hour minimum if you live 30 min away and 3 hours if you live up to one hour away.  Most people schedule themselves for 4 hours to get as much done as quickly as possible.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash or check are preferred.

Do you charge for travel?

We only charge a minimal fee for travel if you are over 1 hour away.

Do you service my area?

We service most of NJ, western PA and southern NY

Do you organize paper?

Yes, this is the #1 reason our clients call us. We can even set up a functional home office in the most ideal space in your home.  We also organize and protect vital documents and tax receipts so you can access them in an instant.

Do I have to be there?

Yes, but only for the initial work session.  After that, if we feel like we know you and your preferences well enough, we can work independently.

How soon can I get someone to help me?

It is possible to get a next day appointment, but in most cases, you’ll have to wait a day or so for an appointment.  If we have a cancellation, you may get a same-day appointment.

How long will my project take?

Each project varies.  During your initial telephone needs assessment, we will help you prioritize your projects so we start working on the most important one first.  We can even give you small homework assignments to keep the progress going in between appointments and we work as fast as you can make decisions.

What do I need to do to prepare for an organizer?

The following things will help us to work smarter and faster:


  • Tall white kitchen garbage bags
  • Large black trash bags
  • Extra hangers if there are lots of pieces of clothing needing to be hung


  • Windex or an all-purpose cleaner
  • Paper towels
  • Shredder – if you have one and if we will be working with paper
  • Vacuum – in case we need it
  • A label maker and spare cartridges if you have one or we can use ours (you buy the cartridge at cost).  We can also label your files by hand to avoid extra cost
  • Clear any trash in advance of our work session if you’re able
  • Broom – if working in a garage, attic or shed
  • If we are working on organizing your papers and you already have a filing system, please have extra file folders, hanging files, plastic tabs and paper inserts available or you can buy generic supplies from us at cost

Do you ever bring an assistant along?

Yes, we can work as a team with additional organizers and/or our handyman depending on your circumstances.  We can assess this during the initial phone call.

My loved one is so disorganized. Can you just go into their space and organize without them?

Yes, but we will only organize individuals who give us their consent to handle their possessions without them being present.

What rooms in my house do you organize?

We can organize your entire home, from attic to basement to garage to outdoor shed.  We do surface cleaning while we organize your spaces.

Can you also organize me in my corporate/medical/legal/small business office?

Yes.  Once our residential clients become organized, very often they want to continue the process at their offices.

Can you help me use my technology better to organize me?

Yes, we teach you how to declutter your devices, including pc’s, smart phones and iPads and make sure you’re using all the available apps and settings on your devices to make your life run smoother.  We help you organize digital files, including photos on your pc as well.

Can you help me pay my bills and file medical, auto, homeowners and umbrella insurance claims?

Yes, we can do this for you and also set you up online to pay bills remotely if you wish.  If you need to file and track claims, we can do all of it for you.

Can you tell me what to shred and what I don’t need to shred?

Yes, at our first work session we’ll give you a valuable reference sheet listing every type of document that can come into your life and what to do with it.  It’s a great resource that we give to all of our new customers.

Can you help me file my tax return and get all the receipts I need to have?

Yes, we will help identify or secure the receipts you’ll need and if you are doing a short form, we can do it with you online or refer you to a trusted tax professional.

Can you help me with Estate Planning?

Yes, we can tell you all the things you need to consider and plan for, and then refer you to a trusted Estate Planning attorney and help you fill out the paperwork. 

Can you create a household inventory for me for insurance and estate purposes?

Yes, we can create a written or video inventory of all of your possessions and explain where to store it and who should have a copy of it.

Can you create a filing system if I don’t have a file cabinet yet?

Yes, we can build a filing system in specialized containers that we bring onsite with us. They are inexpensive and are sold to you at cost.  You can even store these in a closet, under a table or under a desk.

How can I stay organized?

We create organizing systems designed for your brain type and teach you how to maintain them. We also coach you on time management and productivity to ensure that you incorporate staying organized into your busy schedule.

Do you virtual organizing? 

Yes, we can create your action plan over a smart phone, Skype or facetime, you can do all the work yourself and schedule phone coaching sessions with us to move you along and to have your questions addressed throughout the process.

Do you work evenings and weekends?

We work weekends but not evenings.  We recommend that for any work session with us, you arrange for childcare so that you can laser-focus with your organizer.  Pet should be secured during work sessions.

Can I buy a gift certificate? How does that work?

You mail a check to the address we give you, then a personalized “organizing” greeting card is immediately mailed to the recipient, along with our contact information.  We do a complementary needs assessment with them by telephone prior to their appointment in order to make the most of our time with them onsite.  Certificates are valid for 1 year.

Where do we begin?

That is entirely up to you.  We recommend that you tackle your biggest problem area(s) first and then move down your list.

I have a pet. Will that be a problem?

No, we love animals, but you’ll want to secure them so we don’t trip on them or let them out accidentally as we’re coming and going.

I don’t allow shoes in the house. Will that be a problem?

As long as we’re not working in spaces where heavy objects can fall on us and hurt us, we can bring clean house slippers to wear.  We do, however switch into regular footwear when working in attics, basements, garages and outdoor sheds. 

Do you organize photos?

Yes, we can help you sort through your photos, both digital and paper and create albums for you to enjoy in the years to come.  We can even refer you to trusted professionals to transfer your video tapes, DVDs and CDs into digital files to better preserve them and share them with your friends and family.

Do you work with children and seniors?

Yes, we work with children as young as 5 years old and seniors in their homes and at assisted living residences.  Parents must be nearby if we are working with children.

Do I need to have any organizing products?

We will most likely free up containers in your home as we’re decluttering and reorganizing.  We try to use what you have and repurpose other things.

If we are working on organizing your papers and you already have a filing system, please have extra file folders, hanging files, plastic tabs and paper inserts available or you can buy generic supplies from us at cost.

Do I need to have containers available?

Yes, if we are organizing toiletries, crafting materials or small collections, but in general, no, you don’t have to have containers available.

Do you take my trash and donations with you after the work session?

We bag and label your donations and call for a charity pickup that is convenient for you.  A donation receipt will be left for you upon pickup.  We can bring your trash to your garbage cans or to your apartment incinerator before the end of the work session if you wish.

Do you work with hoarders?

No, we don’t work with hoarders but please call us anyway because we find that many people call themselves hoarders when they really aren’t.  We have a scientific scale to measure whether or not you are just by asking you a few general questions.  If you are designated a hoarder, we will refer you to individuals who specialize in working with hoarders.

Can you help me transition into or out of a storage unit?

Yes, we can help you either way as long as the storage unit is located in our service area.

Is everything confidential?

Absolutely, YES!  Our clients trust us and call us year after year as their needs change and as they navigate major life changes.  We are proud of our record of honoring your privacy and we are grateful for the trust you have in us.