Don’t take our word for it — here’s what our clients say:

Professional Home Organization

Jan Cooper, Watchung, NJ

I had Eileen work with my son on organizational skills for his daily life as well as his burgeoning business.  Her professionalism combined with doses of kindness, compassion and skilled listening delivered extraordinary results.  My son was in awe of Eileen’s knowledge and the way in which she taught him many new ways/systems to keep him thriving.

L.N., Warren, NJ

I miss working with you, and wanted to let you know that it was so much easier finding the holiday decorations this year, thanks to you!!! I’ll call you once I have my photos together so we can start working on my albums.

B.H., Morristown, NJ

Oh my gosh, what a great idea to convert the spare bedroom to an office as well!!! And by the way Eileen, I wanted to let you know that I appreciated your sensitivity. It’s not easy for me to let go of things, and you were very patient with me. I loved the redesign work you did in my dining room and I want to work with you again when I move from my condo to my new home. I know you’ll make everything look great.

K.B., Budd Lake, NJ

Eileen, thanks for the great work you did organizing my office! I will tell my friends about you.

H.S., Wayne, NJ

Thanks for everything! I took your advice, got a file cabinet, file folders and my receipt box. I explained the system to my husband and he’s keeping it up. Closets are next month’s project, and after that the basement. Your organizing solutions really work.

T.G., Morristown, NJ

I was referred to Eileen in 2010 because a friend had worked her to de-clutter, reorganize and redesign spaces in her home and she was very pleased with her. I called Eileen because my ADHD interfered with my entire life and I became very disorganized. Eileen listened to me and understood what I needed and quickly put solutions into place. She didn’t judge me. She is a skilled problem-solver, and she worked hands-on with me to de-clutter and reorganize my home and home office. She helped me manage my budget and paperwork and coached me on time management, which I very badly needed. I’ve been a client of Eileen’s for over 4 years and she’s helped my family through many emergencies and has been a tremendous resource for us. She also worked very well with our teenage daughter to create a beautiful space for her to entertain her friends and also to de-clutter, reorganize and redesign her bedroom. Eileen has even helped me to plan our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, which was really overwhelming for me. She is honest and knowledgeable and I highly recommend her. With Eileen’s help, I now have a household filing system, can find and pay my bills on time and am much better at getting to my appointments on time. Eileen has helped me manage major repairs and upgrades throughout my home so I can focus on really important things like getting my daughter ready for college. No job is too big or too small for her. Eileen has really been there for us!

C.J., Mine Hill, NJ

Eileen set up an in-home office for me, and also a desk area for my teenage daughter. She measured and ordered everything we needed to make it functional. Once you hire her you won’t know where to stop. She is very inspirational and knowledgeable in all facets of home organizing, decorating and staging. She also helped me plan a party and wound up staying to help make sure the party was a success! My friends and family raved about her!

C.C., Morristown, NJ

Thank you so much, Eileen! I enjoyed working with you. You have been very helpful! The mail sorting system and files have been working really great and my husband actually likes it. The closet is a work in progress still but I know I can do it because you’ve inspired me and given me the confidence I needed. I hope to work with you soon again. (Just need to save up some money!)

ps-I will definitely refer you to my friends.

E.B., Montclair, NJ

I knew that I needed help when I opened a huge closet in what would, in five months’ time, be my new baby’s nursery, and it was filled to bursting with I don’t know what!

Little did I know how lucky I was when I found Eileen Kirna. Eileen came in to my home, and took a careful look around, and helped create our plan of ‘attack.’ I would also like to say, that I did not feel judged by Eileen in regards to my minor ‘hording’ propensity in any way, and I found that to be a great relief.

We started going through the closet – Eileen was kind enough to tell me how long I needed to keep which receipts, and we started creating shred, donate and discard piles. I can’t believe how much better I felt at the end of that first work session!

Well that was over five years ago, and I have continued to work with Eileen during all of that time. She has helped me with my home office files, and she even advised me when I started my new business. We eventually sorted through every closet in my home – including my Christmas decorations!

Eileen did a wonderful job staging my town home when it was time to move, and I believe that her expertise helped me get a great price for my home.

Eileen is so knowledgeable, and is so wonderful to be around, it is quite a fantastic combination. I feel extremely fortunate to have found her, and I look forward to continuing our work on an as-needed basis.

J.B., Morristown, NJ

I really enjoyed working with to get my entire house in order. Thank you for everything you did, especially in my office, to get it to function the way it does. I’m actually happy to be in there and am so much more productive. Before I started working with you I was convinced I couldn’t work from home, but now I can. I’d be happy to supply a glowing reference for you.

L.B., Englewood, NJ

Out of all my birthday presents, getting you was by far the best. I told everyone in my office that I got a professional organizer for my birthday!

V.F., Chatham, NJ

I can finally get to the really important things, now that I can find what I need. Thanks for setting me on the right track and making it easy to maintain my home office. I’m only sorry I didn’t call you sooner.

J.B., Mountain Lakes, N

You helped manage my mother’s estate and our move to a new home, two events that overwhelmed us. Your professionalism and “can do” attitude really motivated us and I’ve told everyone I know how great you are!

G.B., Madison, NJ

We no longer trip over toys. Our kids love the new toy storage system in their playroom and they really enjoyed working one-on-one with you.

J.B., Morris Plains, NJ

Thanks so much. I looked in the office and can actually see the floor! Everything is much appreciated!

M.H., Denville, NJ

I hated cooking until you reorganized my kitchen. Now I can cook and entertain and be proud to have friends in again.

S.R., Bernardsville, NJ

Running a business out of my home and managing my family seemed like impossible tasks until you came along. You helped integrate our needs so that we have more balance in our lives. Your organization systems REALLY work!

J.B., Morris Plains, NJ

I am certainly enjoying my new rooms! The dining room is still a bit of a mess (I started cooking for the party as soon as you left) but I expect to get that straightened up tonight. I’ll be glad to give you great referral anytime, so don’t hesitate to give my number out.

V.M., Kinnelon, NJ

I feel so much better after spending the afternoon with you. It’s truly amazing what a difference it makes to restore order. I will definitely recommend you when the opportunity presents itself.

K.V., Andover, NJ

You are great!!! The ideas you had for organizing our paperwork and stuff really worked well!!! After you left we kept purging. You’re amazing. I will call you soon for more help.

Thank you so much!!!

T. W., Piscataway, NJ

I just wanted to thank you again for your tremendous help on Friday. I feel so much closer to liberation from these papers and pressing concerns. Since Friday, I’ve continued tackling the project (writing letters, and finding an accountant) and your inspiration really got me over my initial hurdle and psychological barrier. Thank you both for your effective strategies and your supportive presence. G-d bless you!

Tracey Goldmann, Morristown, NJ

Working with Eileen and her team has been a wonderful experience. When Eileen came into our lives we were at a critical time because we were planning a big family event in the midst of chaos. I was overwhelmed with the sheer scope of planning this event which included flying family and friends in from Europe and the US and working with the caterer and other service providers. I really appreciated Eileen coming in and helping me with all of this and then creating organizing systems for everyone in my family, which was not an easy task! She has shown me easy and efficient ways to store items in very small spaces. She is nonjudgmental, caring and I really enjoy working with her. She is really adept at working with individuals with ADHD who are chronically disorganized. Eileen and her team have referred me to very professional service providers for many of our household and personal needs. She and her team have helped my family as organizing project managers through many household emergencies, including storm damage to our home. This reduced our stress greatly and moved our projects along faster and easier. In addition to being our organizing coach, Eileen also works with us as a family coach to make our household run smoothly and harmoniously. Right from the start in working with Eileen, she has always offered us many options that we would never have considered to help us make difficult and complicated decisions in matters such as renovating our home and navigating private school and college selection. She is great at motivating me when I need it, is cheerful, flexible, trustworthy and has a team of very effective specialists who we enjoy working with as well. I highly recommend Kirna Consulting.

J.R., Randolph, NJ

You’re better than therapy. I feel like I’ve finally come up for air and can handle all my responsibilities. I can find my bills and arrive at appointments on time for a change. Thanks so much.

N.B., Clifton, N

Ten years ago I was in the market for hiring a professional organizer. Limited in time due to work, family and home responsibilities, my perfectionist tendencies were getting in my way. I hired Eileen (Kirna Consulting, LLC) because I needed someone who was thorough, accurate and detail oriented. In short, I trusted that she would help me accomplish what I had neither time nor patience to do on my own. Eileen turned out to be the perfect hire for me. She and I worked side-by-side while she designed and implemented customized filing systems (paper and digital) that she thought would work well for me and my family – and work well they did. In fact, Eileen was full of numerous tips and knowledge that have proven to be useful to me time and time again. Now, so many years later, after having followed Eileen’s professional growth from afar – while simultaneously envisioning myself in that role – I decided to enroll in Eileen’s professional organizer training. I can honestly say that I was not disappointed. In fact, I highly recommend this training to anyone who has a talent for organizing. Eileen is, as she was before, full of useful information, tips and miscellaneous details, all of which are sure to give you a leg forward in your quest to become a successful organizer.

C.D., Morristown, NJ

Thank you so much for all your help today and especially for your incredibly helpful action plan for our future. We will definitely continue on the path to become an organized and clutter free home! We were both very impressed and appreciate of all the advice you were able to provide, and have already begun spreading the word to our friends and neighbors. We will most definitely have you back in the near future to continue our plan of action.

A.K., Morris Plains, NJ

I found Eileen to be extremely helpful. My house, which was in chaos, is now on its way to being in order. She put a system in place, working with what I have, and the clutter has disappeared. I recommend her highly.

C & P, Morris Township, NJ

It was a great idea to give my husband your professional organizing services as a birthday gift to him. In 4 hours you accomplished what I couldn’t get him to do for 40 years. I couldn’t believe what I saw when I got home from work – my beautiful house again! Thank you so much, you were a huge help.

S. Brown, Wayne, N

Eileen has been putting my life in order since 2007. My initial interaction with her was to organize my home office. My office was a complete mess and totally out of order. She came in and assessed the situation and then worked with me for the next few hours. What I found most helpful is the way she talks you through the process of discarding papers. She would ask questions which helped me decide whether the document/paper was needed or not.

She is always punctual and comes with a smile. She has worked with me to organize my garage and closets. She also has great connections with home improvement service professionals. She introduced me to her special contact at California Closets for a custom storage solution for my garage . When California Closets installed cabinets in my garage about 4-5 years ago, the overhead doors would not stay up. On a recent visit to organize my garage for a second time, I mentioned this to Eileen. She contacted California Closets and within a matter of a few days, they contacted me and made an appointment to fix the overhead doors. California Closets came in and replaced the doors, and, to my surprise, there was no charge.

My overall experiences with Eileen has been nothing but positive, pleasant and productive. She has returned to my home at least 5-6 times. I even had her come to my corporate office where I’m employed where she did an outstanding job. I was singing her praises to all of my colleagues who saw what a remarkable job she had done.

I’ve learned so many tidbits, like taking old towels and blankets to an animal shelter. She also said that vases collected over the years can be recycled and taken back to the florist.

I would highly recommend Eileen for any job and have labeled her “Organizer Extraordinaire”

T. F., Highland Park, NJ

I just wanted to thank you again for your tremendous help on Friday. I feel so much closer to liberation from these papers and pressing concerns. Since Friday, I’ve continued tackling projects like writing letters and finding an accountant and your inspiration really got me over my initial hurdle and psychological barrier. Thank you for your effective strategies and supportive presence. G-d bless you!

Small Business/Entrepreneur Organization

John Barrett, Merrill Lynch

I am now able to accomplish much more in less time. Eileen Kirna streamlined my office so that important information is always accessible. I spend less time in my office and no longer feel constantly rushed.

Mike Jacobs, K & K Franchise Construction Services

Our partnership began with an assessment of my work environment and business process. Their recommendations and follow-up coaching quickly increased my efficiency and dramatically improved the appearance of my office. Your professionalism and high standards exceeded my expectations.

John Hurley, Ruby Tuesday Inc.

Kirna Consulting provided excellent service and skills in reorganizing our regional office. Our overall experience with them was outstanding.

Janet Corcoran, The Corcoran Network

Eileen Barrett is the ideal organizing consultant for busy people pulled in too many directions. She provided high quality organizing services and was adept at taking on my challenging projects. You can be confident that when you collaborate with her your project will be done to your complete satisfaction.

Home Staging

J.K., Mountain Lakes, NJ

We’re so happy we hired you to stage our home. I literally cried when I returned home to see what a showpiece you created. Our realtor said our house was staged like a model home and she wants to hire you to stage her own house. Now I know we’ve done everything to show our house to its greatest potential, and we’re just waiting for the offers to pour in. Thanks for everything. We love it.

C.D., Morristown, NJ

Your knowledge and advice has been invaluable and I wanted to make sure you knew that we really took what you suggested to heart. I will definitely be back once we get into the new house – would love your help putting everything together right off the bat so perhaps we can avoid the situation we ran into in our current home. I’ve also recommended you to many friends and colleagues so perhaps you’ll be hearing from some in the future.

J. A., Allendale, NJ

Hi Eileen, we accepted an offer right after the open house. Actually, we got two offers. Amazing. We could never have done this without your help!

J.M., Montclair, NJ

Your services gave me the confidence to put my home on the market and have numerous realtors and potential buyers parade through it. After one weekend of showings, our house sold. I was very pleased.

A.L., Denville, N

We’re so thrilled with your staging services. The only sad thing was that we didn’t hire you years ago to redesign our rooms. We could have really enjoyed the space all that time.

A.C., Montville, NJ

I was so nervous about hiring you—no one seemed to understand what a stager was. But the proof came faster than we ever expected. After showing our house the first weekend, we received multiple offers by Monday afternoon. What a return on investment and a tremendous relief! Thank you so much.

N.M., Montclair, NJ

You transformed our house into a masterpiece in only 5 hours. Our realtor was amazed at the changes, and our house sold within a week. I will highly recommend you.

J.R., Mountain Lakes, NJ

Fabulous! We’re so happy we took the recommendation to hire you to stage our home. Our home looked INCREDIBLE compared to before. When all was said and done, our home looked bigger, yet still very warm. My realtor loved it and wanted your contact information. Our open house was on Saturday and by Monday morning we received 3 offers. Our house sold within the week.

C.F., Mendham, NJ

Hi Eileen.

We are in attorney review!!! We are thrilled. It was only on the market for a week. Thank you for all of your help with the house. You have a magic touch!

Interior Redesign

G.K., Morristown, NJ

I barely recognized our home when I got home from work because you transformed our first floor into a masterpiece. I worried that we really didn’t have enough for you to work with, but your imagination and knowledge of decorating really came together in a way that exceeded our expectations. I can’t wait to have you back for the second floor.

T.H., Denville, NJ

We were thrilled with your redesign services. Our only regret was not hiring you sooner! Thank you so much, Eileen.

B.H., Morristown, NJ

I loved the redesign work you did in my dining room and I want to work with you again when I move from my condo to my new home. I know you’ll make everything look great. And by the way Eileen, I wanted to let you know that I appreciated your sensitivity. It’s not easy for me to let go of things, and you were very patient with me.

D.M., Boonton Township, NJ

I originally hired Eileen to help me organize my town home as I am not organized at all. However, I ended up using her services primarily for decorating. She is very personable, warm, and easy to work with. She has an excellent eye for detail and she was exactly what I needed to help me with my various projects. I highly recommend Eileen. Each time she leaves my house it looks better and better.

T.P., Morristown, NJ

Eileen worked very well with our teenage daughter to create a beautiful space for her to entertain her friends and also to de-clutter, reorganize and redesign her bedroom. No job is too big or too small for her. She is honest and knowledgeable and I highly recommend her.

Holiday Decorating

Emily B., Montclair, NJ

When we moved into our new home it was obvious that most of our old decorations would not look great in our new space. Eileen created custom holiday designs for the front door and entrance area to our home, the foyer, staircase bannister, tables and fireplace mantles. She was able to preserve our family memories by incorporating our vintage decorations into her beautiful designs. She and her team come in and set everything up and then return after the holidays to pack everything away back into storage. We got lots of compliments every year on how great everything looks. I don’t have to do a thing!

Paula Vaccarella, Boonton Township, NJ

Every year Eileen and her team turns our home into a holiday wonderland. We love her designs and she makes our home so elegant and inviting. I don’t know what we would do without her.

Professional Organizer Business Training

Ingrid Trotman, A Step Above Organizing, LLC, Hamilton, NJ

When I decided to start my organizing business 5 years ago, I had no idea where to turn for guidance. All I knew is that I wanted to organize. I went to the Internet and called many organizers and asked how to go about doing this. Some told me they couldn’t help me, some didn’t respond to my messages, some gave me canned responses. Then I called Kirna Consulting and all was well. Eileen Barrett, the training instructor was extremely kind and compassionate over the telephone. After talking with her, I decided to take her one-on-one class. Although I had to travel an hour and a half away, I’m so grateful I went. Eileen talked me through every aspect of being an organizer as well as being a business owner. Her one-day class included everything I needed to know and she offered me the opportunity to tag along on one of her jobs. She offered real-life examples and gave me copies of all the forms I needed to get started. I’m so happy to this day that I found her. I left her office with the utmost confidence that I could do this. I still feel, even though five years have passed since training, that if I needed her for any reason, she would be there for me. I was 100% satisfied with her class and would recommend her training, without any reservation, to any up-and-coming organizer.

Eileen LaGreca, Sensational Spaces, LLC, Fairfax, VA

Kirna Consulting’s excellent training course provided me with all the information I needed to get my business up and running. Not only does she provide you with the necessary resources and tools to begin your business, her enthusiasm and self- confidence are contagious! The training instructor’s (Eileen Barrett) vast experience and willingness to share her knowledge will put you way ahead on the learning curve.

Carla Love, Miss Organized LLC, Montclair, NJ

Taking Kirna Consulting’s Professional Organizing Training course was worth every penny and more. The training instructor (Eileen Barrett) is able to cut-to-the-chase, saves you time, and money, and shares her wealth of experience. I left the training with a prioritized “to do” list, a clear sense of direction and a wealth of new knowledge. Not only did I receive an abundance of hands on information, I received practical knowledge of what to do in particular situations and some wonderful suggested “best practices”. Eileen is open, honest, extremely business savvy and a wonderful teacher. I highly recommend Eileen’s training to any newcomer who is entering into the field of Professional Organizing. I am grateful for all I learned and I look forward to consulting with Eileen again in the future.

K.T., Riverdale, NY

The one-on-one attention of the Professional Organizer’s Program offered by Kirna Consulting was one of the best investment of my “time and treasure” that I have made in a long time . Most of the time was focused on valuable information that can only be gained after years of experience and trial and error. Practical aspects of Organizing as a business that one would never consider was thoroughly vetted. I left with resources and and access to organizations that will assist as I build my business — and for many years to come.

Beth Krupat, Bedminster, NJ

I recently completed Eileen’s training course in professional organizing. I found it to be informative, engaging and fun. It was very thorough in teaching me about the industry and how to set up a professional organizing business. The course was infused with Eileen’s personal experiences as a mentor and a pioneer in this business.

KAM, New Providence, NJ

I was fortunate enough to attend Eileen Barrett’s one day professional organizer business training session course. My goal was to get an overview of the business and leave with some solid practical business tips. Eileen clearly had the knowledge and experience to give me that and more! I felt as though she gave me a real-life road map for my new business, not just generic information. I would highly recommend contacting Eileen for any of your personal or business training needs. She has a great energy, and I left the session feeling as though I had spent the day with a friend who shared all of her best business practices with me. I couldn’t have been more pleased and now feel ready to open my own business!

Mary Bellofatto, Definitely Organized, LLC, Roseland, NJ

Participating in Kirna Consulting’s Professional Organizing training course equipped me with the skills and knowledge that are of paramount importance to succeed in my business. It has enabled me to serve my clients to the best of my ability and conduct business with the highest degree of professionalism, confidence, ethics, and caring. This comprehensive course “leaves no stone unturned.”

Caroline M., Morristown, NJ

Kirna Consulting’s Professional Organizer training is top-notch. I walked into the training having no idea where to start or what to prioritize, and left with a step by step “handbook” on what I should do to set myself up for success in this field. It was the perfect first step to launching my business in professional organizing. I have a renewed sense of energy and drive, and can’t wait to get started! Thank you, Eileen, for sharing your wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm.

Linda Kielek, Livingston, NJ

Having followed Eileen Barrett’s professional growth from afar – while simultaneously envisioning myself in that role – I decided to enroll in Eileen’s professional organizer training. I can honestly say that I was not disappointed. In fact, I highly recommend this training to anyone who has a talent for organizing. Eileen is full of useful information, tips and miscellaneous details, all of which are sure to give you a leg forward in your quest to become a successful organizer.