Feeling Stuck? You’re Not Alone. Get Yourself Ready to Declutter.

Feeling Stuck? You’re Not Alone. Get Yourself Ready to Declutter.

Ever wonder what most people tell us when they first call our organizing company? It’s that they’re feeling “stuck”. They see all the clutter around them and don’t know what to do to declutter or how to get started. Here are some helpful tips to get from being stuck to being very productive:

1. Change a daily habit. If you normally drink coffee in the morning, drink tea or a protein or other health drink. This will awaken your taste buds and get your body going in a different way.

2. If you can walk instead of drive, do exactly that. Breaking the mode of getting into your car when you can walk will bring you in touch with nature and your neighbors. The exercise and new energy will be great for you and socializing with others is the best way to lift one’s spirits.

3. Try a new machine at the gym. Breaking your routine will bring your body into better balance and will energize you.

4. Ditch that diet that isn’t working and instead serve meals on smaller plates and use smaller drinking glasses. Focus more on eating fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid processed foods. Try to time your meals to eat with others. Get out EVERY day, either to the gym or for a walk, rain or shine.

5. Start giving out at least one compliment a day: To the store cashier, restaurant server, postal carrier, gas attendant-ANYONE you come into contact with. See their faces light up and notice how great you feel. It’s like getting a jolt of happy electricity.

6. Make your bed. If you do that, you’ll start the day setting your world in order. The rest of the day will be easier for you. Try it!

7. Clean out your car and get a car wash. Starting the day in a shiny, clean car will set a new expectation to live and work in a clutter-free environment.

8. Put your rooms to “bed” every night. Grab a relocation bag and walk things back to the room they belong in before turning in at night. Listen to your favorite music or call a friend while you’re doing this and you’ll be amazed how easy this is to do.

9. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier every night until you reach your ideal bed time. Waking up refreshed will make you more productive.

10. Leave extra time between appointments so you don’t have to rush. Stress is literally a killer. Your friends and family will love the new “you”.

Think of any habit you’d like to change and go for it. No one who’s ever broken a bad habit has been sorry about it. Oh no, just the opposite. Changing the way we do things is a great reminder to ourselves that we can always improve our lives. And you’ll be able to take ALL the credit.

Stay tuned for stress-free tips on how to declutter and reorganize your entire home and office. It’s easier than you think. Happy Early Spring to All!

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Warm regards,

Eileen Barrett