The One Hour Organizing Challenge-Are You Ready?

The One Hour Organizing Challenge-Are You Ready?

One Hour Can Make All the Difference. Ready to Take the 60-Minute Organizing Challenge?

On a bitterly cold day, staying indoors feels so cozy and warm. As you spend more time indoors, do you see organizing opportunities around you? Why not take my 60-minute challenge and get really fast results! What do you have to loose (besides clutter), right? Let’s get started. All you’ll need are white tall kitchen bags for trash and black bags for donations.

The goal is not perfection but to make each space better in very little time.

Okay, the clock is ticking…if you feel stuck or undecided, move on to the next object. Thinking about something for too long and zigzagging are the 2 biggest reasons most people give up. Don’t let this happen to you.

1.  Hall or mudroom closet. Remove and donate all coats and jackets not worn in 2 years as well as hats, gloves, scarves. Add hangers if you’re short on them. Assess shoes and boots. Anything else on the floor should be relocated to its proper home. Now you can find what you need fast and have more room for guests’ coats.

2.  Move on to the kitchen. Cooking and baking utensils: quickly go through countertop containers and drawers and get rid of all the utensils you don’t use and put rarely used utensils in a shoe box and store the box somewhere out of the way in the kitchen. Then drag everything out from under the sink. Toss everything you don’t use and have a small, sturdy shopping bag to hold paper bags and a small, sturdy shopping bag to hold plastic bags. Use a large plastic container or basin to store cleaning products so you can just slide it out when you need it. You’ll be amazed at how having a few extra inches of space and less stuff will improve your daily life.

3.  Dining room. Are there items on the table that have nothing to do with dining like mail, other papers, reading materials and store returns? Gather all papers and store them where you can assess them, like on a desk or on a table near your computer. Put store returns in the car and box up mail returns.

4.  Linen closet. Take everything out and put it on a bed. Quickly assess all pillows, blankets, sheets and towels and unmatched sets, especially. Bag up old, faded or worn towels and blankets, put them in your car and drive them to the nearest animal shelter.

5.  Choose the bathroom you use to get ready for work: Quickly go through the medicine cabinet and toiletry items and makeup. Toss old or expired items. Quickly organize like with like and you’ll be so happy tomorrow morning when you can get ready faster and easier.

Now, give yourself a big pat on the back! You DID it! Please share your thoughts and successes and please “like” our face book page. Happy Organizing!

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Eileen Barrett