Feng Shui Your Front Door and Garage in 13 Easy Steps

Feng Shui Your Front Door and Garage in 13 Easy Steps

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Feng shui is all about attracting and encouraging health, prosperity, abundance and tranquility in our lives.  Since the front entrance of the home is considered the “mouth” of a dwelling, it makes it one of the most important factors for actively drawing in positive energy. There are many easy things you can do to create a clear, open and beautiful entrance for energy to move through and circulate throughout your home:

  1. Place lush plants and flowers outside your front door and garage door as the seasons allow.
  2. Consider painting your front door red to attract attention, raise energy and make it more inviting for visitors. No matter what color you use, make sure the door is freshly painted and any hardware on the door is polished.
  3. Clean any glass on or around the door. Make sure the door opens all the way into your home and it doesn’t squeak.
  4. Install an attractive lighting fixture near the outside of the door.
  5. Make sure the doorbell works.
  6. Hang a seasonal wreath on the door.
  7. Provide a generously sized and attractive doormat outside your door.
  8. Place two chairs and a small table outside the door if space allows. If not, then install a chair or table so that people can put down packages when they arrive and can free up a hand to ring your doorbell.
  9. Make sure your foyer is free of clutter and is decorated with colorful and uplifting objects.
  10. Have a coat rack and umbrella stand located just inside the front door if you don’t have a hall closet.
  11. Hang a colorful and uplifting piece of artwork in your foyer and provide an attractive area rug right inside the door.
  12. Make sure the lighting in your foyer is bright and can be controlled by a dimmer.
  13. If you mostly use your garage to enter your home, make sure the walls are freshly painted, there is sufficient lighting, your floor is swept clean and you organize your things on shelves. Feel free to hang inspirational things on the walls if space allows. Make sure there is a mat to wipe your feet before you enter the house and the door connecting the garage to the house is freshly painted.

It is a belief in feng shui that golden opportunities come in through the front door.  It is the threshold of all good things to come into your life.   Wishing you many blessings!

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