Losing Your Keys AND Your Mind

Losing Your Keys AND Your Mind

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I admit it.  I had a habit of losing my keys.  Until something happened…

I made one small change in my life and it cost me about $6.00.  I started using a plastic spring coil keychain with a lobster clasp that I could wear on my wrist and even attach to my clothing or handbag.  It also allowed me to attach all my grocery and other retailer key tags to it and it literally changed my life.  Then I allocated a specific place in my car where the keys would be stored while driving.  You can also affix a Command hook to your dashboard to store your car keys while drive.  Then, when I rushed (yes, rushed!) out of the car to do my errands, I wouldn’t have to look on the floor or between the seats for my car keys.  I know my life changer can help you, too.  And, for all the men out there, none of us will judge you for wearing a key bracelet because you’ll always have a free hand for yourself or to help us carry things and help us by opening doors, too.   You can purchase this at most hardware or home improvement stores or online.  Don’t forget – write this task down now on a sticky note and attach it to your dashboard  or computer so you won’t forget to buy one.  Ladies, you can attach the keychain to a ring on your handbag and tuck the keys into your bag for safety.  Another perk is that you’ll always find your keys quickly in a parking lot.  They make great holiday gifts and stocking stuffers, too!  Remember, only buy the kind that has the lobster clasp because you will want to attach and detach things from it quickly.  If you want to order one online, just Google the words “elastic spring coil keychain with lobster clasp” and you’ll have plenty of choices to choose from.  Please share your success with us on Facebook!  We want to feel like you’re part of our family.

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KeyChain on Handbag for Blog