Organize your Car in 9 Easy Steps

Organize your Car in 9 Easy Steps

Tired of feeling disorganized at home AND in your car?  Why not tackle your car first?  You can do it!  This will take about an hour and please be sure to share your success with us on Facebook!

1)  Get a trash bag and start discarding all your trash.  Take everything out of the car’s interior and the trunk and start fresh.  Wipe up any spills.

2) Take out the floor mats, shake them out and vacuum the

3) In your front seat console keep a bottle of water, a pen, pencil, extra business cards, an umbrella, napkins, tissues, a small package of baby wipes, change for parking meters, $20 in emergency cash and a coupon organizer.  In the glove compartment keep your registration, insurance card, user manual for the car and take-out menus.

4) Grab a plastic lidded container or a zippered canvas bag and create an emergency car kit with a bottle of water, Band-Aids, antibiotic ointment, jumper cables (if your car does not come equipped with them), paper towels, glass cleaner, a windshield ice scraper, gloves, an extra pair of shoes, a blanket, a hat and a flashlight.

5) Buy a collapsible car organizer that looks like a big black rectangular box with handles on the sides and a no-skid rubberized bottom (see photobelow) to house your store returns and anything else you have to carry in the car.  That way, when you have an unexpected extra passenger, you can just grab the handles of the organizer and put it in the trunk and free up a seat.

6)  If you belong to a gym always keep your gym shoes and bag fully stocked in your car for unexpected trips.  It’s a great way to stay healthy and use your extra time well.  Plus, it acts as an emergency overnight bag.

7) Have your cell phone mounted on the dashboard or on the window if it keeps flying around the car.

8) Use Command hooks to hang things on your dashboard (see feature photo) that you don’t want to lose, like your Bluetooth or your car keys.

9) Now it’s time to go to the car wash to finish the job.

Enjoy getting back into your sparkling, clean and organized car.  Turn on the music and enjoy your drive.

Stuck?  No problem.  We can jump right in and get the job done with you, whether it’s your car, closets, home office, basement, bedrooms, kitchen or garage.  We’ve got all of your spaces covered and you’ll love organizing with us because we’re enthusiastic about helping you change your life.  Plus, we’re completely non-judgmental, and  it’s completely confidential!

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Use a car organizer with a rubber bottom and side handles to keep handy everything you need in the front of the car

Use a car organizer with a rubber bottom and side handles to keep handy everything you need in the front of the car.  Tissues, baby wipes (for gentle clean-up of spills) and an umbrella are my necessities!