School’s Out and It’s Time to Save, Toss, Donate

School’s Out and It’s Time to Save, Toss, Donate

Get Set for Summer.  

Use My Quick and Easy Checklist to Say “Goodbye” to the Last School Year, Get Ready for Camp or

Vacation and Prepare for the Fall:

Ask each child to go through his/her school and sports backpacks with you, remove old school papers, archive the keepers and then wash, toss or donate the backpacks. Keep report cards, memorable projects, awards or artwork and toss everything else. Take a photo of any 3-D artwork that will eventually fall apart so you’ll have the memory of it before you toss it.

If you don’t already have memory bins for each child, create some and label them and store them in each child’s bedroom or on their side of the closet for easy access.

Have donations? Lupus picks up most small household items in resalable condition.  You can schedule a donation pickup online at or call them at 888.445.8787.

Sell back any new or used textbooks at

Check lunch boxes, clean them out with vinegar and water, keep, toss or donate them.  If keeping them for the fall, make sure they’re still labeled.

Put aside any school supplies still in usable condition for the fall so you’ll have them when you need them. Keep them in a central location for each child to access.

Make a list on your cell of any important items you’re tossing or donating so you can replace them.

Organize your toy room by tossing or donating unused or outgrown toys and then use storage containers on low shelves or storage furniture to contain what remains or call Evelyn Cucchiara to do everything for you at The Toy Tamer located in Madison, NJ.  Evelyn and her husband can measure your space at no charge and install an affordable, custom-built toy storage organizing system for you. You don’t have to do a thing or even be home; all you have to do is write the check.  Evelyn will even go through the toys for you to decide which ones to keep.  Watch their great video which demonstrates the process at Toy Taming Tsunami #3 and the rest of their website at

Go through all winter and spring clothing, shoes and sports attire and toss or donate all that won’t fit next year.  You can also consign clothing, books, CDs, video games, shoes and toys in very good condition at Kids Consignment in Madison NJ at 34 Lincoln Place, Tel. 973.7882.3777. They even accept adult clothing. There is no website, but Liz has been in business for countless years – call first before dropping off to make sure she takes everything you have.

If you’re planning to install closet systems in your children’s rooms, remember that girls need more hanging space and boys need more shelf space for storing bulky items. For a great do-it-yourself closet organizing kit, consider a Rubbermaid Configurations product at

Still need help? No problem!  Just call me or read the rest of my blog posts.  I’m happy to announce that I’ve added three more organizers to my team and can now offer expanded services like looking after your home while you’re on vacation and other concierge services — all at prices to fit every budget. Call us today for details.

Wishing you an AWESOME  and REFRESHING summer!

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